Randy And Josh Thompson Give Country Weekly The Scoop on Fishing Trip

Randy Houser opened a can of worms recently with Josh Thompson . . . literally. A few months ago, the two stars were taken to Alaska on a special fishing trip, which was a memorable one for both stars for multiple reasons.

During his recent No. 1 party for “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” Randy reflected back on that trip while talking with the press, joking that he thinks his buddy Josh spent more time being seasick than catching fish. “I don’t know who caught the most fish,” Randy said, smiling. “I know Josh spent most of his time throwing up,” he continued, laughing. “I’ve got it on tape if anybody needs it. . . . It was pretty lousy. I self-medicated, though, so I was good to go!”

Well, when Country Weekly sat down with Josh this past week, we filled him in on what Randy had to say. “Let me say this,” Josh told us with a grin. “First of all, Randy Houser . . . yes, I did throw up, along with everybody else that we went there with, except for you, Randy Houser. The reason you didn’t is because you talked to the deckhand as soon as you got on board, and the deckhand told you how we threw up for 12 hours the day before. He happened to have an extra-strength Dramamine on him, and it was the last one, so Randy took it. So Randy didn’t throw up. And on that boat, you could only catch two halibut per person. I caught my two. So he did not outfish me, because we could only catch two, and then you were done fishing.”

Josh added that everyone who did get sick on that trip eventually got over the whole awkwardness of the situation at hand. “At first when you’re going to throw up, it’s like you’ve got to hide it and be discreet because it’s slightly embarrassing,” noted Josh. “But by the end of the day, it’s no big deal . . . you’re just in mid-conversation, and you’re just throwing up, but you’re keeping up with the conversation. You’re reeling in fish, and you’re just throwing up. It’s funny. It was literally every 15 minutes one of us was over the side. It was one of those things that ended up being hilarious.”

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Starting this weekend, Josh and Randy will join each other on the road with Justin Moore for the Off The Beaten Path Tour.  See all the tour dates and ticket information HERE.