Randy’s Action-Packed Video for “We Went” Debuts This Weekend on CMT

Randy’s new fast-paced music video for his current single, “We Went,” premieres Saturday, August 1 on CMT Hot 20, then will continue to air throughout the weekend on Hot 20 and on other CMT platforms.  Following the weekend-long exclusive premiere with CMT, the scintillating new video will drop on Monday August 3, via VEVO.

The Dustin Rikert-directed piece tells the story of the “Good Deed Bandits,” putting a Bonnie-and-Clyde-meets-Robin-Hood spin on an action-adventure chassis.  Paced by a string of vintage hot rods, the video races as fast as the song itself, which Rolling Stone Country called “a galloping road anthem,” astutely noting that “‘We Went’ finds Houser once again playing the role of a love-struck outlaw so vividly that it feels like a mini-movie. With a churning you-and-me-against-the-world storyline and a thumping beat, Houser's tongue-twisting tale (his delivery is the essence of rapid-fire) follows a couple of modern-day Bonnie and Clydes as they lead police on a wild chase.”

And they do just that as Houser and his love interest in the video – whom viewers will recognize from the video for his Top 5 smash “Like A Cowboy" -- take down a drug kingpin and distribute his money to down-on-their-luck folks as they race around the Arizona desert.  The video marks the return of Houser, shooting in the picturesque region of Tucson, AZ - along with the surrounding areas that offer incredible landscapes including Mt. Lemmon, Huachuca City, and Sierra Vista in Cochise County earlier this summer. Veteran actor William Shockley, who also appeared in “Like A Cowboy,” lends his skills to create another colorful character in the new music video.

“We had such a blast with the ‘Like A Cowboy’ video and the production on that was just so cool, and so well done, that we wanted to do it again for this one,” said Houser. “But this time, my whole band got to be in the video, and we had a lot of fun with the action sequences – everything from car chases and crashes to explosions. We just had a great time with it.”

"We Went is the first taste of music from Houser's forthcoming album. To watch the video teaser for "We Went," click here