With his sixth studio album Note To Self set for November 11 via Magnolia Music Group, the Billboard lauded “golden-voiced Mississippi native” Randy Houser releases “Country Round Here Tonight.” Listen to the song HERE and pre-order/pre-save Note To Self HERE.
True to its name, “Country Round Here Tonight” is a steel guitar and fiddle-laced track written by Houser with Brice Long and Jeff Hyde, reminiscent of the classic country hits of the 90s’ and creates a feeling of nostalgia as Houser croons about a small-town spot where everyone goes to unwind and spend their paycheck:
There’s a backed up line of four wheel drives
Filling up the parking lot
This little bar they call a hole in the wall
Is everybody’s favorite spot 
There’s a saw dust floor waiting on the door
To swing wide open, let us all inside
Paycheck cash is gonna go fast
‘Bout to get country round here tonight
For all them boys in the fields making dollar bills
Stacking that hay up high
All them girls in the sand working on their tans
Down by the riverside
Getting through the day, hell, they just can’t wait
To congregate round a cold beer sign
Tie one on to a jukebox song
‘Bout to get country round here tonight
Ahead of the release of Note To Self, Houser has shared multiple tracks, with Whiskey Riff observing, “It’s easy to see that his whole album is full of deep reflection from Houser throughout his life. This is gonna be a good.”